EVolve KY is Kentucky’s own electric vehicle group

Our members are electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts. We offer monthly meetings that feature interesting speakers, put on great community events such as Louisville Drive Electric Week, we have our very popular Adopt a Charger program (where we work on getting fee-free level 2 chargers installed in and around Louisville) and throughout the year we are involved in many other interesting projects (our members are energetic, creative and passionate).

“I have been enjoying being a member of EVolve KY since the start.  My first EV was a 2008 100% electric pick up truck by Zap which I modified with removable solar panels.  I’m also an arborist, horticulturalist, and fish and animal expert so seeking clean renewable energy solutions is extremely important to me.”

Daryl Cleary
EVolve KY member


New documentary about EVolve KY!


EVOLVE: Driving a clean future in coal country

Can Kentucky drive America’s clean transportation future? The answer may surprise you. From humble beginnings, a small group of electric vehicle owners formed EVolve KY to show Kentucky that cleaner transportation options are smart, economical, and much better for the planet. Now, they’re installing fee-free community chargers, engaging the community, and transforming transportation…in coal country.


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There are many reasons to drive electric:

  • A zero emission vehicle means less pollution and less associated health-related issues such as asthma.
  • They are blissfully quiet.
  • They are chock full of the latest technology.
  • You can even pre-heat and pre-cool your car remotely.
  • You will spend significantly less money on fuel and maintenance.
  • There are electric vehicles at just about every price point.
  • They are fast, responsive and really fun to drive!

Take a look around our website to see some of the really cool things we’ve already done.  As we move forward, we are planning even more.  Be a part of our group — we are extremely welcoming and need help to make it all happen. Sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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