Zerobus Tour

I’m happy that Jon Tyson and I were invited to be part of the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition EV leadership team.

This afternoon, we attended our first meeting. The group, led by Executive Director Melissa Howell, was a terrific mix — there were city officials, college faculty, business leaders,  fleet managers, even an EV van manufacturer. Bob Hook III, from Bob Hook Chevrolet, provided a great lunch (I scored the only vegetarian sandwich, which was really tasty).

We discussed the state of electric vehicles in Kentucky and the advantages and challenges of increasing EV adoption.

Then we all were invited aboard for a ride in Louisville’s new ZEROBUS, an all-electric city bus. Geoffrey Hobin, capital projects administrator for Transit Authority of River City, shared the history of the project and various technical details. It was clean, quiet, cool and fun — a great way to spend the afternoon. I’m glad to be part of such a forward-thinking group.