Tesla Event At The Winston

Tesla’s Sullivan University event

It’s a good morning when you get to test drive your dream car. And that’s just what I did this morning at the Tesla drive event hosted by Sullivan University and held at Winston’s restaurant.

I got there early, as the site was being set up. The Tesla canopy was inflated and three flat-fold origami-style chairs and a small cube table were placed inside. All those things, I may add, designed by Tesla. The whole shebang fits in the trunk of a Tesla for easy transport.

My drive was wonderful. The console display was colorful and futuristic without being over-the-top. And the center console tablet display was huge, but fit the space nicely. Interior was comfortable and the ride was quiet (as one would expect from an all-electric car)

The model I drove was Tesla’s latest and greatest. A Tesla Model S P85D all wheel drive. The car has a range of over 250 miles per charge, goes from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds, has a 691 hp motor and top speed of 155 mph. In short, wow.

The test drive route was a great combination of beautiful back roads and highway (to open it up a bit). Indeed, as an EV driver myself, I’m used to the instant torque, but this beauty took it to a whole other level. Just tap the pedal and you’re there. A comfortable, pleasant and exhilarating ride.

Even the weather cooperated as in the past couple weeks here in Louisville I don’t think we’ve seen a fully dry day. There was sun, a bit of a breeze and a lot of happy folks sitting in the driver’s seat.

I would estimate there were about 18 drivers taking the Tesla out for a spin with friends and family that went along for the ride.  Nice to see young children (future drivers) being exposed to the future of driving.  The event ran from 9:00 a.m – noon.

Pastries and refreshments were available and Tesla representatives fielded questions.

Glenn Sullivan, president  of Sullivan University (a Tesla owner himself) was a gracious host, and Ryan Needles of Tesla motors along with several other Tesla employees, was adept at showing me and other drivers the features of the car and answering questions.

Events like this point to a promising future, a future when cars will be designed and manufactured in America and powered by domestic energy. A future where driving will again be fun.

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