Electric Houseboat Tour and Ride

During our time at the Flea Off Market, we were approached by Eric Bookstrom, who converted a traditional houseboat to run as an electric vehicle (with an electric motor and batteries).  He offered a tour and cruise to our members–and who were we to say no!

We toured his setup and took a ride on the Ohio River.  He even had racking installed for putting solar panels on in the future.  Talk about a unique and impromptu Drive Electric Week event!

Here is a short video.  Notice how quiet it is.  No engine noise means you can hear each other talk!


EV Movie Night at Sullivan University

EVolve KY held its very first movie night, hosted by Sullivan University, last night.  We had a good crowd (given that we were competing with local sporting events) for the viewing of “Revenge of the Electric Car.” The storyline follows the top brass at Nissan, GM and Tesla, along with a young entrepreneur who has a business converting cars to run as EVs.  It is the more upbeat sequel to “Who Killed the Electric Car,” and shows the start of the global resurgence of the modern-day electric car.

EVolve KY’s very own Cody Stratton was the MC for the evening and did a masterful job.  In addition to the announcing the film, our major sponsor, LG&E, was thanked, our car dealer supporters, Tafel Motors and Bob Hook Chevrolet, were recognized and Sullivan University was thanked as well for providing the venue for the movie and appropriate refreshments (popcorn and soda).

Pre-movie electric car commercials were shown from just about all electric car makers.  This proved to be very popular as EV commercials are rarely seen in our market.  Many were funny and a few were touching.  

Folks enjoyed milling about and chatting for a long while after the film.  Many heard about the event through our radio spots on all three Louisville Public Media stations.  Several had great interest in eventually purchasing an EV and one gentleman was the proud owner of an electric bike and a Segway.

A few stragglers went out and took a look at the EVs parked in the lot.  Glenn Sullivan’s white Tesla easily proved to be the most popular, and he was happy to take a few folks on a short joy ride to conclude the evening.

LOU DEW Preview at The Flea off Market

From the moment we arrived at the Flea off Market on Saturday morning, there was a feeling of excitement. We pulled our cars in and lined them up at the main entrance and set up a booth with information on our group.

One couple got there early (before we even set up) to see the cars, and they were my first passengers for a ride around the NULU area. Driving them around gave me the opportunity to show off some of the features of my all-electric Nissan Leaf and answer all their questions. And a highlight of the drive was stopping at our first Adopt-a-Charger Level 2 EV charger that was installed at The Green Building on Market Street just days before.  So not only did they see how an electric car performed, but they were also shown how simple, clean and easy it was to charge it.

The rest of the day was filled with EVolve KY members answering questions and showing off their cars. I even got to see first-hand how funny EVolve KY member Don Feeney could be when he snuck up behind some folks I was speaking to and pretended to be in the market for an EV.  “I think I may just wait until they hit around 200 miles of range.  I think that’s a good idea,” he said in quite a good deadpan.  I had to hold myself back from cracking up as he already has owned his Nissan Leaf for some time now and Don is well known in the community for being environmentally proactive.

We were guests of the fine folks at the Flea off Market for both Saturday and Sunday and the extremely hot weather seemed to be a good omen.  We got a steady stream of interested people, lots of good questions and many people found out first-hand how nice it is to ride in an EV.

Ben Guerry from Tafel Motors brought a Smart Car EV, which was a real hit.  Folks couldn’t believe that they could get a brand new, very capable EV for so little money ($12,500 after current tax incentives).

There were several Nissan Leafs on display both days, along with a Mitsubishi MiEV, Ford Focus EV, Chevy Volts, Tesla (Hank was so kind to show up even thought it was his birthday), and a 1973 Porsche 914 electric conversion.

Media attention was off the hook resulting in about eight news stories in total for Louisville Drive Electric Week, including two television spots.

We were delighted as the event surpassed all of our expectations and the Flea off Market folks were thrilled as well.  I have a feeling this will be an event we will be participating in for many years to come.  

IMG_6263 IMG_6273 IMG_6281 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6291

WDRB – September 5, 2015

They have zero emissions, no exhaust system and run off on batteries.

Members of Evolve KY are showing off the features and benefits of electric cars this weekend at Flea Off Market.

People can look inside, ask questions about mileage and battery life, and experience the quiet ride.

The group’s president says his yearly maintenance is about $16 for his Nissan Leaf, and that’s just to rotate his tires.

“Much simpler as there’s an electric engine, there’s batteries and wheels … that’s pretty much it,” said Stuart Ungar, president of Evolve KY. “There’s no transmission, oil changes, no ever going to the gas station which is huge. And it’s just a lot of fun to drive.”

Louisville Drive Electric Week runs Sept.12-20.

More information can be found here.

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Insider Louisville – September 4, 2015

EVolve KY is a group of Electric Vehicle (EV) enthusiasts that has been meeting monthly in Louisville for more than a year.

The inaugural LOU DEW — Louisville Drive Electric Week — is one of more than 150 events around the country where electric vehicle owners and advocates are holding electric car parades, “tailpipe-free” tailgate parties, ride-and-drives, and other public events.

LOU DEW will kick off during the September Flea Off Market, Sept. 5-6, with a showcase of cars, test drives, information and experts available. That event will be 11 a.m.-5 p.m. both days with a rain date of the following weekend.

Other LOU DEW events include a showing of an electric car-themed movie at Sullivan University on the evening of Sept. 12, and a booth at the Gaslight Festival on the weekend of Sept. 18.

Members of the club have the Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus EV, and Mitsubishi EV. One DIY-ed an electric motorcycle and another converted a ’70s-era Porsche to run on electricity.

Contact the club via the form on their website. [Read More]

First Adopt a Charger install (location 1) at The Green Building, 732 East Market Street, Louisville

IMG_6178 IMG_6383

Our first Adopt a Charger, Level 2 EV charger was installed today, making our year-long dream of providing more EV charging options in Louisville a reality. Everyone at The Green Building was a pleasure to work with and the folks at Graybar and Henderson Services not only donated the charger and the installation, but were extremely professional and enthusiastic about our mission. On to the next!