Ribbon cutting at The Green Building 

A cool crisp day was the perfect backdrop for last week’s ribbon cutting at EVolve KY’s first Adopt-a-Charger location.

Electric cars silently drove in to The Green Building parking lot. A wide green ribbon was stretched in front of the brand new charger spanning two parking spaces while folks gathered and talked. 

Jon Tyson started things off with a greeting and some history of the group. Then I continued and thanked those who made it all possible. 

There were about three dozen people in the crowd gathered around the charger as my daughter Eden passed the big scissors to Will Johnson from Graybar and Rob Yates from Henderson Services to make the cut. 

The meeting inside got started and we were fortunate to have state Sen. Reginald Thomas from Lexington speak for a few minutes. He praised the work we were doing and suggested our group start looking for like-minded groups with which to partner. He also suggested the group visit the Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing R&D Center at the Spindletop Research Campus in Lexington. 

We then went around the room and had members introduce themselves. We continue to have many new members at our meetings. Some announcements were made, including an update on two new Adopt-a-Charger sites in the works. 

Overall, it was a fun, upbeat afternoon and a great way to usher in an important addition to Louisville’s EV landscape. 

Business First – October 15, 2015

This weekend, Louisville’s electric vehicle enthusiast group will hold a ribbon-cutting for its first public charger in the city, and the group is working to make sure it won’t be its last.

The charger at the Green Building on East Market Street is an effort of EVolve KY, an electric vehicle (“EV”) owner’s group, WFPL-FM reports.

In a program called “Adopt-a-Charger,” EVolve KY finds businesses that are willing to pay for the costs of installing a charging station as well as others that are interested in hosting the charger and paying for its electricity. The group’s president, Stuart Ungar, says all of the costs are nominal.

Ungar added that his Nissan Leaf gets about 85 miles on a full charge, the story said.

Right now, there are nine public charging stations in Louisville, and all but three of them are at car dealerships. EVolve KY is working on several other “Adopt-a-Charger” spots, and the ribbon-cutting for its first is set for 2:30 p.m. Sunday, the story said.

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Insider Louisville – October 14, 2015

Courtesy of EVolve KY

EVolve KY, an organization of owners and enthusiasts of electric vehicles, is celebrating the installation of a new electric vehicle (EV) charging station at the Green Building in NuLu.

The charger is fee-free, and the two parking spots designated for EVs are free in the otherwise pay-to-park lot. This is the first of EVolve KY’s Adopt a Charger locations, where they seek sponsorship to provide a charger and installation for free.

According to EVolve KY, hosting an EV station involves similar energy use to running a clothes dryer.

The group will celebrate the new station with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the beginning of its monthly meeting. The public is welcome to join at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 18. And stick around after the ribbon cutting to learn more about electric vehicles.

If you’re interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring a charger, the typical site install cost is $7,000-$9,000 for a two-vehicle charger.

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WFPL – October 13, 2015

Louisville’s electric vehicle enthusiast group will cut the ribbon this weekend on the group’s first public vehicle charger.

The charger is located at the Green Building, on East Market Street. It’s an effort of EVolve KY: the state’s electric vehicle — or “EV” — owner’s group.

A Tesla and Leaf charging at the Green Building's new charger.

A Tesla and Leaf charging at the Green Building’s new charger.

“One of the things we wanted to do was increase the number of charging points in and around Louisville,” EVolve KY President Stuart Ungar said. “So this is kind of a huge deal for us, to actually realize a main goal and move forward with that.”

The program is called “Adopt-a-Charger.” Ungar’s group finds business sponsors willing to pay the installation costs of installing a charging station, and then looks for businesses interested in hosting the charger and paying for the electricity it uses — costs which Ungar says are nominal.

The two new electric car charging spots at the Green Building were both occupied late Tuesday morning. A red Tesla was charging in one spot. In the other was Ungar’s blue Nissan Leaf, which he has driven since 2011. He said he’s been sold on the cost savings and convenience of electric vehicles.

Stuart Ungar and his Nissan Leaf.

Stuart Ungar and his Nissan Leaf.

“Basically, I roll up at the end of the day and plug it in at night and I’m good to go in the morning,” he said. “I don’t ever have to go to a gas station, which is worth it right there.”

Ungar says he gets about 85 miles on a full charge, though newer Leaf models can go slightly further. Teslas have larger ranges, but also cost significantly more. Either way, Ungar said his car has required little maintenance costs.

“No oil changes, no transmission, no belts, no transmission fluid, no exhaust system, no spark plugs or glow plugs or alternator or any of those things,” Ungar said. “It’s basically wheels, an electric motor and batteries.”

The U.S. Department of Energy estimated last year that there were 234,000 plug-in electric vehicles and 3.3 million hybrids on the road.

There are currently nine public electric vehicle charging stations in Louisville; six of them are at car dealerships. EVolve KY is working on several more “adopt-a-charger” spots.

The new charger at the Green Building will be officially unveiled at 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

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