Noe Middle Schoolers learn about EVs


Eighth graders at Noe Middle School in Louisville got a different kind of lesson today. They leaned about the future of personal transportation — and it’s electric.

It all started innocently enough, with me offering to speak to my daughter Eden’s science class. I knew they were having a unit on the environment and had just watched the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” so I thought a presentation on EVs would fit right in. Well, it escalated pretty quickly and the teacher soon asked if I could come in and talk to all of her classes.

I was very fortunate that Evolve KY members Jon Tyson, Ned Funnell and Ben Evans were generous enough to help!  We spent the entire school day speaking to Jacquelyn Cox’s 8th grade science classes (4 classes total). The students saw three Nissan Leafs and one home-built electric motorcycle. We told them about the features and benefits of EVs and drove the point home that for a brighter and healthier future, cleaner transportation is a must.

The kids even got to experience a little “instant torque” with a brief but thrilling series of rides.

At one point, I heard an eighth grader exclaim, “that was awesome!”  And after the program, my daughter said her classmates were saying they wanted electric cars.

How sweet — the future of transportation meets their soon-to-be drivers.