Trip to charger leads to adventure

 Eden and I were scouting out the area looking for a place to have lunch.  It wasn't long before we realized we  were going the wrong way as the area was getting more and more residential.  But then we spotted what looked to be a tiny house perched atop a large grain silo.  So we … Continue reading

Noe Middle Schoolers learn about EVs

Eighth graders at Noe Middle School in Louisville got a different kind of lesson today. They leaned about the future of personal transportation -- and it's electric.It all started innocently enough, with me offering to speak to my daughter Eden's science class. I knew they were having a unit on … Continue reading

Ribbon cutting at The Green Building 

A cool crisp day was the perfect backdrop for last week's ribbon cutting at EVolve KY's first Adopt-a-Charger location.Electric cars silently drove in to The Green Building parking lot. A wide green ribbon was stretched in front of the brand new charger spanning two parking spaces while folks … Continue reading

Electric Houseboat Tour and Ride

During our time at the Flea Off Market, we were approached by Eric Bookstrom, who converted a traditional houseboat to run as an electric vehicle (with an electric motor and batteries).  He offered a tour and cruise to our members--and who were we to say no!We toured his setup and took a ride on … Continue reading