EV Movie Night at Sullivan University


EVolve KY held its very first movie night, hosted by Sullivan University, last night.  We had a good crowd (given that we were competing with local sporting events) for the viewing of “Revenge of the Electric Car.” The storyline follows the top brass at Nissan, GM and Tesla, along with a young entrepreneur who has a business converting cars to run as EVs.  It is the more upbeat sequel to “Who Killed the Electric Car,” and shows the start of the global resurgence of the modern-day electric car.

EVolve KY’s very own Cody Stratton was the MC for the evening and did a masterful job.  In addition to the announcing the film, our major sponsor, LG&E, was thanked, our car dealer supporters, Tafel Motors and Bob Hook Chevrolet, were recognized and Sullivan University was thanked as well for providing the venue for the movie and appropriate refreshments (popcorn and soda).

Pre-movie electric car commercials were shown from just about all electric car makers.  This proved to be very popular as EV commercials are rarely seen in our market.  Many were funny and a few were touching.  

Folks enjoyed milling about and chatting for a long while after the film.  Many heard about the event through our radio spots on all three Louisville Public Media stations.  Several had great interest in eventually purchasing an EV and one gentleman was the proud owner of an electric bike and a Segway.

A few stragglers went out and took a look at the EVs parked in the lot.  Glenn Sullivan’s white Tesla easily proved to be the most popular, and he was happy to take a few folks on a short joy ride to conclude the evening.

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