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Electric vehicle manufacturers 

(There are many makes and models of EVs.  This is just a sampling).

Nissan Leaf

Tesla Motors

Ford Focus Electric

SmartCar EV

Kia Soul EV

Zero Motorcycles

BMW i Series (available as EV or EV plus extended range)

Chevy Volt Plug in Hybrid

Chevy Bolt Pure Electric

Ford Fusion Energi SE Plug in Hybrid

Ford Fusion Energi Titanium Plug in Hybrid

Ford C-Max Plug in Hybrid

Electric Vehicle Commercials

EV commercials are sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes inspirational. Unfortunately, here in Louisville, we don’t get to see many on television.  Here is a mix of what can be found online.

Nissan Leaf 

Polar Bear
What If
Gas Powered Everything
Lance Armstrong
Thanks a Billion


Gallons of Light
Modern Spaceship

Smart Car

Smart Electric Drag Race

Chevy Volt

Volt Gas Station Commercial