Electric Vehicle Information

History of the electric car

EV related news

Electric vehicle manufacturers 

(There are many makes and models of EVs.  This is just a sampling).

Nissan Leaf

Tesla Motors

Ford Focus Electric

Mitsubishi MiEV

SmartCar EV

Kia Soul EV

Zero Motorcycles

BMW i Series (available as EV or EV plus extended range)

Chevy Volt Plug in Hybrid

Ford Fusion Energi Plug in Hybrid

Ford C-Max Plug in Hybrid

Electric Vehicle Commercials

EV commercials are sometimes funny, sometimes serious and sometimes inspirational. Unfortunately, here in Louisville, we don’t get to see many on television.  Here is a mix of what can be found online.

Nissan Leaf 

Polar Bear —http://youtu.be/M9coyBLkZps
What if — http://youtu.be/ZFrvxjjrdVo
Gas Powered Everything — http://youtu.be/Nn__9hLJKAk
Lance Armstrong — http://youtu.be/ICQnGcjisgw
Zero — http://youtu.be/hWoWcoCkT1s
Yoga — http://youtu.be/YuL_Kw55LfU
Thanks a Billion — http://youtu.be/MC2bZAD38Z4
Kick Gas — http://youtu.be/hmCOAHJdOCw


Hope — http://youtu.be/BCcfiwQZIQg
Gallons of Light — http://youtu.be/QweNsLesMrM
Modern Spaceship — http://youtu.be/KKbRAazkiWc
Words — http://youtu.be/xSFnyU8AiWk


Normal Electric Car — http://youtu.be/Xc1MltZiz8k

Smart Car

Smart Electric Drag Race — http://youtu.be/b1iJJZfB7i0

Kia Soul

Hamster Commercial — http://youtu.be/ZYWHsOeDf3M


Super Bowl 2015 ad — http://youtu.be/BBXCW-l8oYw

Chevy Volt

Volt Gas Station Commercial — http://youtu.be/m3iEQ9TIMhs
2016 Volt — http://youtu.be/QB4zH3XlqBE
Cadillac ELR (Poolside) — http://youtu.be/qGJSI48gkFc


Upside: Anything is Possible
(reply to Cadillac ELR poolside) — http://youtu.be/jAN61QK0aUI
Eco-friendly Silent Vehicle — http://youtu.be/EdklVANhQj8